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Agg Lime

Ag lime, or agricultural lime, is a coarse limestone product best suited for agricultural applications. The name ag lime most often refers to a crushed limestone product that is used to improve acidic soil to a neutral pH. The coarse consistency and wide range of particle sizes within this product require a long period of time (sometimes years!) to break down the material and can provide long lasting results. Additionally, ag lime is not well suited for applications outside of agricultural uses.

Bullskin Stone & Lime's pulverized agricultural limestone meets the needs of farmers and commercial applicators. Liming with our pulverized limestone neutralizes soil acidity and naturally replenishes vital calcium and magnesium – the nutrients which help maintain fertile soil conditions in plant root zones.

By maintaining a proper soil pH, you can increase the effectiveness of high-cost fertilizers and herbicides which do not work as well in excessively acidic soil. It also increases the effectiveness of other natural soil nutrients such as phosphorus nitrogen, and manganese which are sensitive to soil pH.

Fall and early winter are the ideal times for lime application. These months before spring planting allow time for the natural distribution of the liming nutrients throughout the plant root zone. Lime application can also be effective before tilling and planting in the spring and early summer, but fall and early winter ground conditions help reduce soil compaction and rutting during spreading. The freezing and thawing of late winter is an additional aid to the distribution of the limestone.

Agricultural Limestone vs. Pelletized Lime: Which Should You Choose?

When considering agricultural limestone vs. pelletized lime, three factors are key: need, ability and budget. Studies have shown that aglime and pelletized are equally effective and begin working in a similar timeframe, but because of the processing used to make pelletized lime, it is more expensive.   Pelletized lime is not practical for farmers to use in larger fields or for large liming projects.

Safe For Organic Farming
Excerpt from  "A Guidebook For Organic Certification"
Written and designed by Jody Padgham
Published by the
Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service - MOSES

39. What are the rules for using things like salt or lime on my organic farm?
Natural minerals such as salt or mined lime may be used, but you must be careful that nothing has been added. Sometimes ingredients such as an anti-caking agent have been added that are non allowed synthetics. In the case of lime, it must be mined lime, and not recycled wallboard, slaked or burned lime or paper mill sludge. Check your labels and sources carefully. Your certification agency will require you to provide ingredients information for all feed, minerals, supplements, fertilizers and inoculants that you have used on your farm or processing plant to ensure that you have used approved products. If you have questions, contact your certification agency. 

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